Better Luck Latte, #November Notes, Day 16

#November Notes Day 16, Prompt Song: Sweet Serendity by Lee DeWyze


Better Luck Latte

I wasn’t looking for you

I wasn’t looking for anything

that’s true.

I’d been in love, it fell apart

I was just living everyday

making a clean start.

Every morning I went to that shop

for a latte, a bagel

wielding my laptop

The owner, Mr. Alberghetti, knew me

gave me extra cream cheese

saying I was too skinny.

One morning he nodded at you

jerked his thumb

“I don’t want you to misconstrue,

but him, he’s for you.”

You looked up maybe you knew

what he said

You grinned, like déjà vu

I don’t believe in fate typically

your gentle smile did

make me believe in serendipity


S. Darlington

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