Greener Grass, Sunday Photo Fiction


Sunday Photo Fiction

Thank you to Alistair at Sunday Photo Fiction as always for providing this prompt!

Greener Grass

On the horizon ships moved in line like cars waiting for a traffic signal. Cargo ships. War ships. Cruise ships.

At night, standing on her deck, she could see the lights flickering across the ocean. She imagined the dancing and frivolity on the cruise ship, the drinking, the laughter, the love. She liked to imagine the lives of the passengers, always so much happier than her own with their exotic destinations and mysterious excursions.

But then she went inside where Ben sat on the sofa with Miri snuggled up against him, still sucking on her thumb, despite their best efforts. Ben stopped reading about the dancing pony so he could smile at her and his eyes crinkled on the sides and made her fall in love with him all over again. And, Miri waved her purple and pink blanket at her, with a joyous, adoring laugh. And, Rudy, the dachshund, waddled toward her, tail batting back and forth, placing his fat paw on her bare foot.

So, no, it wasn’t true after all, she understood. Those people on the cruise ship could never be happier than her.

end 11/19/2016

S. Darlington

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