NaNoWriMo Day 26—Riot of Purple Profanity

I haven’t suffered from writer’s block for a very long time, until today. Today it was bad. There were several miscues. I was pretty sure that this scene was a miscue, but I kept at it and hope that it’s not too boring.

As always, disclaimer: nanowrimo draft!

Current word count: 39,905.

Phoebe and Kaden walked along the sidewalk on Main Street toward the Quarter Moon Café. The wind blew fiercely, sending a cascade of leaves through the sky. Sinister dark gray clouds scudded across the blue sky.

Kaden opened the door to the café and followed Phoebe inside. Philo’s face lit up when she saw Phoebe and she raised an eyebrow when she noticed Kaden behind her.

“Hello, stranger, you couldn’t stay away long, could you?” she asked. She grabbed two menus and took them to a booth near the back. “So Chloe won the bet.”

Both Kaden and Phoebe frowned at her. “Bet?” Phoebe asked.

“Yeah, we all bet five dollars on when the rock star would return. I wasn’t permitted to use my sight so that it would be fair. Caroline didn’t think he was going to come back. I thought it would be late next week and Chloe said he would be back for Thanksgiving. Of course, I forgot to ask her which year,” Philo said with a laugh.

“So you were sure I was coming back?” Kaden asked.

Philo grinned at him. “I had a pretty good feeling that things weren’t done between you two.”

The smile fell from Philo’s face as she looked toward the front of the café. “You won’t believe who just walked in.”

Phoebe didn’t need to turn around, from Philo’s expression she knew exactly who it was. “Serena.”

“How did you know?” Philo asked. “I know you wouldn’t try to read my mind.”

“She paid me a visit earlier today,” Phoebe said. “She still doesn’t like me. Oh, by the way, I’m telekinetic.”

Phoebe took the menu that Philo handed her thinking that she might order something other than eggplant parmesan this evening. Mushroom and leek risotto. Now that sounded nice.

“What?” Philo asked and then laughed. “You’re kidding. You’re telekinetic? I don’t think that one’s come up before.”

“Great Aunt Camille,” Phoebe said. “But Gran says that she hardly ever uses it because she can’t control it.”

Philo turned back toward them, wincing. “She saw me and she’s on her way over.

Serena was still dressed in black, but a new outfit. Her eyes were lined with kohl and glittered dangerously as she approached the table.

Kaden tensed next to Phoebe.

“What have we here? My ex-lover, my cousin, oh, and I understand that somehow you’ve gone from being my aunt to my cousin. Crazy world, isn’t it? You wake up one morning and everything’s different. For some it’s losing the ability to write music. Strange how that happens, isn’t it?” Serena said. Her voice was low and silky.

“Drama much?” Philo asked.

“I love drama,” Serena said. “and surprises. Don’t you love surprises?” She looked at the three of them.

“Hold that thought. I have to seat people,” Philo said.

Serena tapped her lip with her longer fingernail. “You two. I still don’t see it. You know he’s not going to stay with you, Phoebe. He’s already thinking that this town is too small for him. Not enough stimulation. Maybe he’ll change his mind now that I’m here.”

Phoebe glanced at Kaden and saw the truth. She didn’t need to read his thoughts to know Serena was right. After years in Los Angeles he thrived on the city life. He would never be content in a town like Point Pleasant Cove, no matter how nice it was.

“Poor Phoebe wants forever and Kaden wants for right now. You know he’s never going to change and you know how I know that?” Serena paused for fullest effect. “Because I’ve spoken to the spirit who made it happen.”

“So you can talk to spirits now,” Phoebe said unable to keep the incredulity from her voice.

“I can do lots of things. Maybe I can’t make a rolling pin bounce, but you might have noticed I can make the ground shake. Oh, and I like fog too. The kind of fog that can kill. I like other things and I can’t wait to try them out. Maybe I’ll even discover new things I like. It’s all exciting.”

“Why do you want to cause so much trouble? I don’t get it,” Phoebe said.

“I like it. I like to see you miserable. I liked that the great Kaden Roarke couldn’t write music anymore because of me. I like the power. How’s that for honesty?” Serena smiled then. It was the most evil thing that Phoebe had ever seen.

“Enjoy your meal. Not. I will definitely see you for dinner tomorrow. Grandmother invited me to dinner. She’s so sweet. Toodles.”

They watched at Serena sashayed through the café. When she reached the door, she turned and blew them a kiss followed by a little finger wave.

“Joy,” Phoebe said shaking her head. “Dinner tomorrow is definitely going to be a stressful event.”

Kaden took her hand in his across the table and squeezed. “Don’t pay attention to what she said about us.”

Phoebe looked away from his eyes. He could hypnotize her with them and she would live in a world of pretend in which she would end up getting hurt. When she looked back, she smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes. She felt too ill-at-ease now.

When the waitress came to their table, Phoebe ordered a red zinfandel thinking that maybe the effects of the alcohol would help her to relax. Not too much. Because she knew where she would end up if her guard was down and Kaden Roarke flashed those beautiful blues at her.

“I can see in your face that you’re pulling away again,” Kaden said.

The waitress arrived with their drinks. Kaden took a draught from his IPA, his eyes watching Phoebe over the lip of the glass. She sipped her wine, savoring the rich flavor of the old vine varietal.

“I’m not,” she said. “Not really. Or maybe I am. I’d love nothing more than to be like my sisters. Daring. Adventurous. But I’m not unhappy.”

“What are you trying to say, Phoebe?”

“That going into a relationship with you is a leap of faith.”

“All relationships are.”

“And you’re an expert on those, right?”

“Low blow. But, you’re right, I’m no expert. A relationship is a leap of faith for me too. It’s a leap of faith for anyone.”

The waitress returned with their dinners. Kaden had ordered the eggplant again and Phoebe the risotto, which she was looking forward to. The waitress asked them if there was anything else they needed. Kaden shook his head.

Phoebe picked up her fork and was about to dive into the risotto when it suddenly came to life, the rice grains moving like maggots. The fork dropped from her fingers and clattered on the table.

“What’s wrong?” Kaden asked.

Phoebe pointed to her bowl. “Serena’s at her tricks again.”


end of Day 26

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