“No” #November Notes, Day 30

I didn’t keep up at the end, but I truly want to thank rosemawrites and sarah doughty for a fantastic month of songs and writing. At the beginning I didn’t know if I’d even be able to contribute, but by the middle of the month, while nano was going on, I found that concentrating on these poems was a saving grace. They chose some songs that I already loved and some I didn’t know, but loved to discover. Regardless, they chose a great mix of songs that made me think. Many kudos to them for doing this and sharing it with us. Thank you so much ladies and I hope you’ll let us know if you plan a surpise like this again for us all.

Unfortunately this may not be my best offering in return for all of your offerings, but here goes.



Do you know what that means?

Devil’s advocate?

You always stand opposite me

Regardless of our discussion

You need to be right

You need me to be under your thumb

Like a rolling stones song

It’s been going on so long

I no longer understand

I’m tired, I wave my hands for distance

Thinking you’ll understand, than be intrusive

You come too close, thinking there’s a chance

For nothing, I’m strong now

I’m my own savior

The moment I realized I was alone

Your heart’s different than mine.

Yours is quid pro quo

Mine’s just quo

Once you would have been close

Close enough to hurt me


Now I need you far enough away

to not hurt my body

I’m strong now

Strong enough to face my fears

Strong enough to be alone

Strong enough to know love shouldn’t hurt

Tables turned


end 12/1/2016

S. Darlington

3 thoughts on ““No” #November Notes, Day 30

  1. “For nothing, I’m strong now

    I’m my own savior”

    WOW! WOOOW! I am glad to read your words and I enjoyed every piece that you wrote. Congratulations! Good luck! <3

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