Bone Cold


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Bone Cold

Annie stares through the window where ice frames an oval. The sun never seems to rise. The constant, cold drizzle feels colder than she’s ever felt, as if iced into her bones. She imagines Wheeling, its bright sunshine, though colder than Loughborough.

She likes his family, although his mother, with her strong feelings and constant chatter, intimidates her. She likes the pubs with the cozy fire and people who, when they discover she’s American, are friendly enough.

At home, she has no one but her cat.

Sean pokes his head around the door, his blue eyes concerned when he notices her by the window. “Thought you weren’t well.”

Sean, the one who had her from his first moment of silliness.

“Just . . .”


“A little. Christmas is nice here.”

He hears the words between the words. “It’s damp, dark, and cold. The rest of the year’s incredible. The summer days are brilliant.”

Her heart clutches. He wants so much for her to love it, so he can move back. They’re off to York tomorrow with his sister’s family for proper Yorkshire pudding and then to Stratford-Upon-Avon the next day for her, for Shakespeare. His fingers are cold in hers.

“Wonderful,” she says.



S. Darlington

7 thoughts on “Bone Cold

  1. The longing for someone who doesn’t want to be there. Never been to Wheeling, but I used to live near Loughborough. That was cold in the winter.

    Good story. And in more than a day early 😉

    1. Thank you! Did you live near Loughborough? My niece lives there. I stole that bit. 🙂 I have been to Leicester in Winter. Brrrrrr. And as I said, it was colder here, but felt colder there. Thank you for reading. 🙂

  2. I guess they’ll have to work on working something out, so she can spend time with her family/friends and he can see his family/friends too. I can understand her missing home, I would too. Maybe she can visit their in the winters or something depending on her job. But it isn’t much fun for him being with a girl who always misses home so I think compromise is needed. Nice write Sascha!

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