Goin’ Campin’


PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

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Voila! Not serious! 🙂 . . . that’s for me doing so much really serious stuff at times. heh.

Goin’ Campin’

She blinked. A tent, a grill, and something nondescript on wheels. His idea of a perfect getaway.

She smiled. She could handle this.

“You weren’t kidding when you said camping.”

“I love camping,” he said.

“Where do we sleep?”

“In the tent in the sleeping bag.”

“You do know bags were invented for shopping, not sleeping?”

“Dollface, you’ll find all the goods you need to shop for with me …in the bag.”

“Just a charmer all the way, aren’t you, Steve?”

“You’ll love it.”

“Up until the first scorpion.”

“No scorpions. Maybe a rattler, but you’d hear him first.”


end 12/2/2016

S. Darlington


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