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I solder silver. Gently I place sapphires and emeralds, colors of the sea into filigree. She, with her laughing brown eyes and auburn hair, will look upon this ring with love, as it is meant to be. Her seaward passion, I know and understand. The Piscean character of her. She will hold her third finger upward and gaze, perhaps surprised at how a ring pronounces her character so well.

She will kiss him, thinking that he more than anyone else in this world understands her.

And I will put my torch away, watch my brother with the woman I love, but I have given her myself and she will wear me for the rest of eternity.

end 12/13/2016

S. Darlington

10 thoughts on “Bejeweled

  1. Great piece. The first brothers love the bride, is in the ring he made for her. Despite her marrying his brother, he knows she will always have him near,,worn on her and she’all remember their time. Great take!

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