Tis The Season For Christmas Romance!

I promised a Christmas Wrap-up (haha…pun almost intended) a week or so back. I have read a handful of Christmas romances starting since September and I wanted to revisit my favorites in case you are looking for something funny and sweet. As you can imagine, my favorites combine not only romance but a sense of humor, fun, and in some cases, some steaminess. Hopefully you can find something to enjoy!

5 Butterfly Rating:


The 12 Dares of ChristmasI loved this book! It is fun! It is sexy! It it is ridiculously sweet and big-hearted! I loved Gabe and Lauren!

The Trouble with MistletoeThere are many laugh-out-loud moments. This is another book where I was almost constantly smiling while reading it.


4 Butterflies and a Ladybug:

Welcome Home For ChristmasI promise you that this one is to read when you just want something nice and romantic and fun.

In MistletoeI found this to be the perfect little Christmas romance with all of the ingredients of Christmas music, getting the tree, decorations, mistletoe and sweet, sweet romance.

We Need a Little Christmasconveyed the spirit of the season with all of its love and nostalgia and family in a special way.

Kiss Me for Christmasconsists of three short stories that burgeon with the Christmas Spirit and it’s probably the cheapest and maybe the most satisfying of gifts


4 Butterflies:

One Snowy Nighta perfect diversion, funny and sweet and romantic.

Love Me at Midnight: Definitely read for the charm of Lyric and Quinn (loved Quinn!)! (It’s also still on sale for $.99, which won’t last too much longer!

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