Love Is Christmas

As much as possible, I have tried to find renditions of popular Christmas songs that are different, but still fit the theme of my story. This one is utterly fantastic because it is Sara Bareilles and her sister and tonight’s story is about Kayla and her sister. It’s a beautiful song with sisters singing. I hope you enjoy.

Part 13 in Thurmount Holiday (see the category  “Thurmount Holiday” for the other entries).

The sun streams through the window into my face since my bed is next to the window. Because of Megan’s snores (she stayed over at our parents’ last night in her bed in our old room), I am wide awake. I am smiling thinking about spending the day with Will and am: oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Until I read his text and then I am oh, nononono!

Jack called. I need to make some changes to the album before it’s released. Off to Nashville.

I text back: Don’t you need me?

Of course, he doesn’t. Unless a song needs to be totally revamped he doesn’t need me or Jasper. Damn. Then I wonder if this is another of his and Megan’s ploys. I throw my pillow at her.

“Wake up!”

“What? What the hell, Kay? Have you gone insane or more than usual?”

“Has Will really gone to Nashville or is this another of your schemes?”

She presses her fist into her eyes and rubs it around. She yawns. “I know nothing about Nashville other that it’s somewhere in Tennessee. I’m not even sure I want to see it.”


“Does this mean you’re now talking to me again?” she asks, looking at me bleary eyed.

“No. I’m still not talking to you. You manipulated me.”

“For your own good. You needed to see how much you really care about Will.”

“No, I didn’t. I would have figured it out.”

“Yeah, by the time you were 50 and then it would have been too late to have babies with him.”

Aww. Babies. With Will. I grin. That’s a cute thought. I could really see him holding a baby. My baby. Our baby. Big sigh.

“We have that charity thing on Tuesday. We need to practice.”

Megan yawns again and throws herself back onto her pillows. “I doubt that. Y’all have been on the road for the past two years. That’s pretty much enough practice.”

“I thought other things would happen today.” I lean back and stare up at the constellation of stars that I had begged my parents to put on the ceiling a dozen years ago.

“Please don’t rub it in my face that you were going to have sex with Will today. He’s been my dream forever.”

I turn on my side and stare at my sister. “Are you serious?”

“Yes. God, didn’t you know? Didn’t you ever wonder why I was always hanging around y’all? I’ve had a crush on Will since I was four years old.”

“Damn, Meggie, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s not like I never knew that he was in love with you. But when you were with Blake, I always kind of hoped he’d look at me. But he never did.”

My heart is breaking for her and I forgive her instantly for her obviously selfless manipulation of me. It would have been in her best interests to just let things go, to not make me look once or twice or three times at Will. How did I end up with such a fantastic little sister?

“You’re probably the best sister there ever was,” I say.

“Naw. I’m sure there’ve been better.”

“Are you fishing for compliments?”

She sits up and grins, her dimple showing. “Nope. Not really. But if that Jake Evers crosses your path again . . .”

I laugh. “I will definitely set you up. He wouldn’t know what hit him.”

“You know it.”

We smile at each other. I realize just how much I’ve missed her, being on the road, hardly coming home. She’s so pretty and loveable and I will track down Jake Evers just for her.

“I’ve missed you,” she says. “It’s never the same without you here.”

“And Will, you mean.”

“You and Will,” she says with a laugh. “But seriously. We used to always hang out. I love that y’all are making this incredible music and are happy. I just wish I was there, sharing it with you.”

“Come with us in January when we start out again.”

“I’ve got work.”

“Take some time off. Be our backup singer.”

She shakes her head, her red curls dance around her face. She raises her eyes skyward and laughs. “I would so love that.”

“Then do it.”

“Could I? Could I really? It wouldn’t be just a dream?”

“A dream? Reality? Why can’t it be both?”

“God, let me think about it. Are you being serious? You aren’t just jacking me around for making you sad about Will and Luanne?”

“Nope. Come with. As long as you don’t mind seeing me and Will together. As long as there is really a me and Will.”

“There is. And, nope, I won’t mind. I love you both.”

We both lie back down and stare at the ceiling. I think that we’re both looking forward to everything the days to come offer. Maybe this will be a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to remember for all of us.

end 12/17/2016

S. Darlington

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