Incensed—Sunday Photo Fiction


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Louise is practicing yoga. Patchouli incense burns on the tray next to the tiny gold statue of Buddha, creating a heavy atmosphere that makes my eyes water.

“You have once again proven just how ineffectual you are,” she says to me. She shoots me a sideways glance. “I know about you and Kurt. How many times have I told you that you must make Felipe fall in love with you? Kurt is a pauper. Felipe has millions.”

“Then you marry him.”

“Tsk, tsk. That’s not the plan.”

“I don’t want to be part of your plan.”

Everywhere I turn there are heavy Buddha statues. I pick one up.

“Did you know, my dear, that Karma isn’t just based on actions, but thoughts as well?” Louise asks.

I stand over her, fingering the sharply angled platform that supports the Buddha. “So you mean if I’m thinking about murder, it would have the same ramifications as committing the murder?”


end 12/18/2016

S. Darlington

11 thoughts on “Incensed—Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. On this admittedly brief acquaintanceship, I think that braining Louise with a wee Buddha is justifiable homicide.
    Cool tale, Sascha

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