It’s now late. Well, if you are here on the US coast of America where it is currently 11:24 pm on December 23.

I thought I would give you a Thurmount Holiday post today, but have given myself a holiday instead. I promise you more, but . . .

I don’t watch much tv, but I have favorites that I do binge on.

By now, if you’ve been following me, you know I love anything and everything to do with music. It is literally in my genes, thanks, Dad!

My happiness this evening has been bingeing on Mozart in the Jungle, because it may literally embody everything I love. The music is spectacular and then there is Gael García Bernal who is quirky and brilliant and so exquisitely wonderful with his beautiful green eyes. Quirky may well describe this show, but the music, the music is beyond comprehension. So beautiful.

If you are as much of a music fanatic as I am and have not yet discovered Mozart in the Jungle, find it and fall in love as I have.

Tomorrow, I promise a next installment of Thurmount. Now, I’m off to have eggnog and Gael….er….Mozart in the Jungle.

Happy Eve of Christmas Eve. Much love! Sascha D.



3 thoughts on “Discover!

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