Epitaph for Ego



Epitaph for Ego


It’s terrific you’re so prolific

but what’s it mean to be so keen

you glean little of the in-between

judging, begrudging, nudging

surface talking, balking from the inconvenient

life’s full of that, be lenient, try genius

the ticket, cricket, put on a tourniquet

staunch the flow, bloods slow, fingers unleash

the pen, “each to their own” say you

and mean butt out. I don’t pout, not about

this. Other things though when you crow,

mow down obstacles disregarding, discarding

me so easily, guarding your heart

hateful words bait the hook of wrath

somewhere there’s the epitaph, autograph—forged.


end 1/7/2017

S. Darlington


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