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Properly Groomed by Boone Brux and Dear Jane by Marissa Clarke are celebrating their release today! I have reviews for both. The review for Properly Groomed is below and also check out the review for Dear Jane. Both are each on sale for $0.99!!



Properly Groomed

Wedding Favors #3

By: Boone Brux

Releasing January 9, 2017
Entangled Lovestruck


Playing house just got real…

When Joya Bennett wakes up after her brother’s wedding, half-naked and lying next to her lifelong crush, she’s mortified. OMG, did she try to jump his bones? Worse, did she succeed? Intending to lay low and housesit for her brother until the embarrassment fades, she sneaks away before he wakes up.

What she didn’t plan on is having company.

Lincoln Fisher doesn’t do relationships, but if he did, his friend’s little sister would be the one to tie him down. Good thing Joya had one too many drinks during the reception or he’d have crossed a line. Her brother would kill him if he found out all the places Linc wanted to kiss the sexy, auburn-haired beauty.

And now they’re stuck in the same house. For two weeks.

She’s off-limits. And he needs to keep it that way, even if the heat building between them is hot enough to blow off the roof…

Each book in the Wedding Favors series is a stand-alone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.

Book #1 Bridesmaid Blues
Book #2 Random Acts of Marriage
Book #3 Properly Groomed


Sascha Darlington’s Review

Interested in a light-hearted romance with characters you quickly care about who behave like mature people not riddled with angst or emotional tantrums and respond to situations rationally? This, me dears, is that book.

Well written and plotted, Properly Groomed was a pleasure to read. I liked both Joya and Linc whose chemistry made the book sizzle. Plus, I am always a fan of romances where the woman or man’s long-lived crush comes to fruition.

Add in an iguana (yes, this is the very first time I’ve read a book with a pet iguana and that in itself was interesting!) and a lovable rescue dog and for this reader the deal was sealed.

Like the unique pet iguana, I was intrigued by Joya’s job as a local news producer as that isn’t an occupation one comes across too often in romance novels.

You could easily describe this as a story about two people who have known each other for years playing house and finding that while they have passion, they also have companionship, which can never be overrated. It can easily overcome the objections of a highly protective big brother.

While it’s the third book in a series, it was perfect as a standalone novel, unlike many which claim to be. This one didn’t fling a bunch of previous characters at you and expect you to love them unconditionally. It did, however, make me want to read the previous two books, which I hope are just as good as this one.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

rating: butterflybutterflybutterflybutterfly (4 out of 5 butterflies)


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Boone.jpgAuthor Info

Amazon Best Selling Author Boone Brux’s stories range from high fantasy to humorous paranormal.

Having lived all over the world, and finally settling in the icy region of Alaska, she’s always looking for the next adventure. It’s not unusual to find Boone traversing the remotest parts of the Alaskan bush, gathering information for her stories. No person or escapade is off limits when it comes to weaving real life experiences into her books or blogs.

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Two Ebook Copies of BRIDESMAID BLUES

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“What are you doing?” Linc asked from somewhere above her.

“Fixing a leak.” She shimmied deeper into the cabinet and adjusted the width of the wrench opening, then latched it onto a section of the pipe. “It just needs to be tightened a little.”

“Do you know what you’re doing?” Though not condescending, his tone did hold a note of doubt.

“Of course I know what I’m doing.” Okay, maybe she didn’t know the exact procedure for this job, but it was a tiny leak, not quantum physics. “I got this.”

With all her force, she torqued the wrench. That might have actually worked if the pipe hadn’t slipped. The mouth of the wrench lost its hold on the metal connector and slammed into the valve directly behind it, knocking the knob off at the neck. Cold water jettisoned from the opening, dousing her torso and filling her open mouth.

Her shriek was quickly cut off by her sputtering coughs. In one swift move, Linc grabbed her legs and dragged her out from under the sink, away from the geyser-like gush. She lay on her back beside him while he fought the powerful spray until successfully stopping the flow.

Water dripped from her hair and T-shirt, pooling on the floor as she climbed to her feet. Sitting on the floor, equally as drenched, Linc leaned against the cabinet door. “You got this, huh?” He smirked and rose to feet. “Might I suggest shutting off the water first as a precautionary measure?”

She swiped her hand across her face, dislodging the droplets from her lashes. “Good idea.”

Being embarrassed took a backseat to her complete inability to focus on anything other than the wet T-shirt clinging to his well-defined chest. Hot, owned a rescue dog, and he could fix things—it was almost too much to resist.

Without warning, he peeled his white T-shirt off and turned to ring it out in the sink. Sweet Jesus, if she made it through these next two weeks without attacking him it would be a miracle. Each muscle flexed as he rung the water from his shirt, and it took all her willpower not to reach out and stroke the glistening planes.

When he pivoted toward her again, her eyes darted to his face, hoping he hadn’t noticed her visually chugging his hotness. “Why don’t you go change?” His gaze dipped to her breasts, lingered, and then drifted back to her eyes. “Or not; I’m good either way.”

She glanced down and heat flooded her cheeks. Like a thin layer of tissue paper, her T-shirt lay plastered to her body, revealing every detail of her breasts. She slapped her arms across her chest and spun, exiting the room without a reply or backward glance.

A simple household chore, that’s all she’d wanted to do. Instead, she’d ended up in a wet T-shirt contest, and from Linc’s expression, she’d won hands-down. He’d made it crystal clear that he didn’t mind her flashing him. And she certainly hadn’t minded his brief bout of nakedness.

She closed the door behind her, inhaled, and then exhaled, forcing her nerves to calm. So what? He’d seen her boobs, kind of. For all she knew, he’d seen them last night. No big deal. Just plain old breasts, that’s all they were, not the lost Ark of the Covenant. He was probably used to it. There was absolutely no reason she should be embarrassed or awkward around him now. Actually, “you’re welcome” might be an even better response.

Heading to the bathroom, she shook off the familiar stirrings she called the Linc Effect. This didn’t have to be weird. They were adults now. She was completely in control of her emotions and actions—right? Sure, they might have slept together, but that didn’t mean something more serious was brewing.

As a matter of fact, her brother had made it perfectly clear—every chance he got—that Linc wasn’t the right guy for her. Anytime he came up in conversation, Kyle was quick to counter with some fact about his friend’s bachelor life, making it sound as if it would be a cold day in hell before Linc would give up his freedom.

Not that she was looking for that level of commitment. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t have something in the now, though, right?


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