By now you may have even forgotten that I promised an ending to Thurmount Holidays. Perhaps you’re sending me the evil eye, wondering, how could you have forgotten about Will and what’s-her-face. Why do we always remember the guy’s name…and face…and dimensions? and then have a vague rembrance that there may have been a girl in the romance…oh, yeah, Kayla.

I promise I have not forgotten, but I’ve been so stupidly busy since getting back from running away. Running away should be more substantial, that’s all I’m saying. Oh, and maybe running away should have involved a bit more organization and getting ready for the new year than it did. Dang, running away was just really bad for my organizational skills, not that I possess many. Okay, I admit it. When I ran away, I played games and ate delicious food and drank scrumptious wine when I thought that maybe I should have been preparing.

Suffice to say: my bad.

Why do I feel like just putting in a Sia song?

Wow. That was a lot of words to say: I haven’t forgotten. I owe a last installment.

Til I hit the dance floor, hit the dance floor…. er something. 🙂

It’s coming. Hopefully it will live up to the wait.

Hugs, Sascha D.


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