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Bare (195 words)

“What about goldilocks and the three bears?”

Oh, the look I receive. When had my little girl become one to roll her eyes? “I am too old for that story. Read Harry Potter and the Sorcher’s Stone.”

I smile. Sorcerer’s has become Sorcher’s. “I don’t think we have it.”

“Daddy has it. It’s the big one with the pretty cover.”

Wasn’t it just yesterday that Cinderella was the one with the pretty cover? In an iota of a moment picture books give way to big books, in another, princess tiaras to mascara and eyeliner.

Mama’s voice reverberates as I find the book on Doug’s shelf. “Treasure each instant with your children while they’re young because the wind carries them to fully grown with just a whisk.”

Because of drink she lost her time with me. I stagger at the thought that because of work I’ll lose the time with Mandy.

I clutch Harry Potter to my chest and return to my darling girl’s side. When I begin reading, she smiles. Her eyes are like Doug’s, hopeful, big, and brown, a tinge of merriment dancing.

I think there’s still a chance for me. I begin reading.


end 1/10/2017

S. Darlington


13 thoughts on “Bare

  1. I can completely relate to this. They grow so fast and I hate missing out on it because of going to work. Treasure every moment. So true. Well done.

  2. I brought my daughter “Slinky Malinky” for Christmas as she loves the book. It has always been one of her favourites. She was gutted when she lost it after we had to move from an abusive person. My daughter is 18. She still asked me to read it to her as she said she always liked falling asleep to me reading it when she was young 🙂

      1. When their mother and I divorced, their mother married again and has since had another two children. My daughter brought a book that went missing (again when we had to flee) so that she can read it to her little sister when she goes to visit. She refuses to let her mum read it, it has to be her 🙂

  3. Endearing story Sascha.i saw they had those large illustrated versions of the first two HP’s in the bookstore now. It’s a great idea for younger children, illustrations are the best!

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