Changes to the Menu



Thomas wrings his hands while I study the Marathon Deli menu. His behavior almost subdues my appetite. I order a spanakopita. He doesn’t meet my eyes; they remain fixed on the silver napkin container.

Dumping. It’s written all over him. I wish he’d just come out and say it.

“Liz is pregnant.”

I wait. Is this why he’s upset?

He glances at me, quickly before his eyes focus elsewhere.

I shrug. “Yay for Liz.”

He rolls his eyes and then rubs his face with his hands. “It’s mine.”

I did not see that coming. Dryly: “Yay, you.”

Before he can launch into his prepared speech, because I know he has one, I ask the waitress to wrap up the spanakopita. Thomas stares open-mouthed. “Aren’t you upset?”

I smile at the waitress as she hands me the bag. “Do you want me to be?”

“I don’t know. I thought you loved me.”

“I thought you loved me too. Guess we were both wrong.” I pat him on the shoulder, leave the deli, and dial James’ number so I can share the good news.


end 1/16/2017

S. Darlington



5 thoughts on “Changes to the Menu

  1. I loved the turn in this – so perfectly done. Brilliant. Who is dumping who? Who loves who? Perhaps they were not meant for each other. Loved the idea of of sharing Spanakopita -I am now hovering by the phone -James.


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