Will You Lie with Me and Just Forget the World?


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Will You Lie with Me and Just Forget the World?

What were you thinking when you asked me here to the hotel where we spent two nights of our supposed honeymoon because neither of us had time or money for the real thing? Time, money, the expiration of our marriage as well since we’re now separate entities.

The elevator plods. At every floor it stops, the doors yawn open, admitting no one before continuing upward.

When it reaches the fourteenth floor, my patience ends. Every despairing moment of our married life careens into one great atomic bomb of a moment.

If the floor weren’t carpeted, my high-heeled steps would be heard miles away. I knock at the door. No loving patter, just solid thumping.

The door swings open. You are there, smiling, hopeful. I wonder what in the hell you have to smile about.

Something in your eyes is different. Something in your eyes reminds me of the boy you used to be. The first time we kissed. The first time you said “I love you.”

In the background I hear “Chasing Cars.”

You reach for my hand. I watch it enfold mine.

“I need you. I miss you. Can we try again?”

Just simple words rip me wide open.


end 1/28/2017

S. Darlington

14 thoughts on “Will You Lie with Me and Just Forget the World?

  1. I loved this piece for several reasons. First of all it was written so well and secondly I know this song so well I could here it playing as they worked things out, her meeting him at that hotel where they were when they were young. Third because I grew up as a young adult on Grey’s Anatomy, I think the meaning it had on the show, comes into your story. That solid forever love like Derek and Meredith had, crazy and passionate but also very real. Cheers!

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