The Reality of a Valentine’s Dinner Date

You sat alone this evening, trying not to think of all of your friends and work colleagues who bragged about the fancy restaurants their significant others and spouses chose.

You try not to think about how they said they would be wearing red backless dresses and “FU” heels or leather pants and red blouses.

You try not to think about how some left early for make-up sessions or to have their hair done.

And while you sit with your Cavalier King Charles propped on your knee watching The Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life, sipping a marvelous red blend and eating decadent chocolate truffles an old friend sent you “just because,” those girls are sitting in restaurant chairs opposite their Valentine’s dates, where both stare at their cell phones, the blue glare rendering them manic. At intervals they take photos of the dishes placed before them. They upload to instagram and facebook. “What a wonderful evening we’re having!”

You never see that they spent more time looking at their phones uploading messages than interacting with their dates while around them romantic music played and candles flames danced

But I did.


end 2/14/2017

S. Darlington

5 thoughts on “The Reality of a Valentine’s Dinner Date

  1. We are never alone on Valentine’s Day. I see the day as any other day, it is a day that many choose to do what they do not do during all year. I particularly love the day, but I do not go crazy buying and doing anything super special. I do not look around, I let everyone enjoy the day in their own way. I my case try to say “I love you” every day of my life and no just say it, give proves of that to all the people in my life that I love. I choose Valentine’s Day to send messages of love all around, to send love to distant friends and family members, even to strangers. Happy Valentine’s Day my distant friend, I know is kind of late, but I have been busy today. Have sweet dreams.

  2. I didn’t think I would see my sweetheart today. He didn’t text me or send flowers. He did call after my boxing class and said he was dead on his feet, but would I like to catch up over coffee? We did, and I teased him just a little about the holiday. We wore jeans and tee shirts, because neither of us prioritized laundry over reading and sleeping (respectively). And that was our day, and I cannot wait for the next one.
    I don’t care what anyone else says about what matters, because I am the one living my life. And you are 100% right about girls photographing their meals and evaluating it’s worth by the price on the menu. That’s not real life; it’s not even living.
    PS. Google the Rory Gilmore book challenge! And thank you for sharing your beautiful soul.

  3. I celebrated my family for valentines.I am not in that kind of relationship yet.I didn’t get them roses. We laughed together. That was a beautiful valentine and despite being single i never feel lonely.

  4. No I sat home laughing at those people that were out there and being charged 50 to 75 percent more a meal just cause of the day. I saved my cash! LOL -Bruce

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