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Concession and Compromise

Twelve years ago, two people seconds from splitting, a broken condom, oxygen siphoned from a room.

“Go,” she told him.

He’d been itching to go for weeks, get back to auditioning. She’d been a nice diversion, but it was time.

She thought of keeping secrets, but feeling her body change, changed her.

He landed a role in a revival of a Sam Shepard play.

She called.

He visited, pressed his palm against her belly, felt a kick.

He went to work, playing a cowboy, dispensing wisdom in someone else’s words. When he spoke, “…his face changes. It becomes his father’s face.” He almost stumbled over the monologue, thinking her face could be his face.

He bought a dragon mobile from a craftswoman on the street because he’d read that they symbolized strength and fortitude. Maybe he could bring that to his daughter. Maybe he could be someone she would admire. Maybe he could finally like himself.

She felt huge, embarrassed to have this boy/now man see her fat ankles, but his face, his eyes were like entities she’d never seen before.

He was so proud of the dragon. She found it off-putting, but hung it anyway. Concession.


end 2/19/2017

S. Darlington

22 thoughts on “Concession and Compromise-Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. I like how they both dealt with the coming if the baby in different ways as you would in real life, it isn’t always just joy and flowers. I’m happy he in the end, wanted to help this baby, even if the dragon was a bit odd, but it was a good symbol from strength and protection. I loved the description of “the broken condom splitting” it definitely literally and figuratively split. They went their directions but both came back.

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