Last Straw


PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

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Last Straw


He’s packing.

Her tears add salt to the sauce she stirs.

He lingers in the doorway, watching, his suitcase a burden.

She averts her face, hiding red eyes.


Snow hugs the window ledge, inches already, so silent. Last year they constructed a snowman that melted the next day.


“Maybe you shouldn’t go yet. The storm,” she says.

“Maybe you’re right. I mean, if it’s okay.”


Their eyes engage, briefly. She stares at her sauce, he at his shoes.


“I can be an idiot,” he confesses. She smiles. “Me, too.”


She extends the spoon to him for a second opinion.


end 2/24/2017 (99 words)

S. Darlington


27 thoughts on “Last Straw

  1. There are some very clever lines in this, where you use an object to convey emotion. Like “his suitcase a burden” and “She stares at her sauce, he at his shoes”. I loved this

  2. You’ve told a novel in a short flash. The pacing is perfect to allow the reader to soak in the emotions, to see what sort of people they are, what they do when they are upset, how the feel about each other… Just brilliant.

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