PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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Because she was superstitious, he waited until a perfect sunny Saturday in late June.

They sprawled on a red plaid picnic blanket on soft grass. Her favorite Stilton cheese crumbled on festive melamine plates and soft multigrain bread with rye and fennel seeds. The taste of a crisp oaky chardonnay in juice glasses, his one concession to not quite perfect.

She giggled up at him.

Oh, how he loved her!

He removed the black velvet box from the basket, flipped open the lid and offered her the diamond ring just as a cloud darkened the sun.


end 3/3/2017 (97 words)

S. Darlington


24 thoughts on “Unlucky

  1. Hopefully she will not be so foolish to ignore all the pains her lover took on her over a trifle like a change in weather. Rainy days can be quite romantic too, when you’re in love. They could splash in puddles, laughing and then have the best excuse in the world to remove their clothing after.

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  2. For me the giggle was the first hint that it wasn’t quite as serious for her as it was for him. And now the cloud… maybe the universe wants to tell him something. Great story, and i love the description of the food.

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