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Go Fish

I didn’t want to attend the party, but promised my roommate who thought I should meet “real men” instead of library geeks.

I arrived late, purposefully. The girls were inebriated, the guys barely drunk.

“Nice party,” I said.

Dave, the host, smiled. “You’re in time for the last round.”


“Russian Pong.”

“Russian pong?”

“Toss the olive in the vodka. Miss. You drink.”

“If I don’t miss?”

“I drink.”


“You’re going to do it?”

I nodded. I saw several of the guys hand over money to Bill, my library geek.

Someone gave me a bowl of olives.

“Do you want to practice?” Dave asked.

“No. Let’s get this done.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.”

I landed the first olive in the glass. Dave’s eyes widened then he drank. I repeated my performance until all the guys had their turn.

“Don’t you guys have to throw?” I asked.

Let it not be said that the frat house boys refused to play the game right. Each missed.

“How?” Bill asked.

“Remember I told you my big brother schooled my little brother and me on how to win all the carnival games? I was goldfish girl.”


end 3/4/2017 (197 words)

S. Darlington



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