The Microcosm



I am coming up on a year of blogging. This is amazing to me because, as many of you know, time just slips by and suddenly it’s a year. Where did it go?

When I first started blogging, I thought that it would be a more personal experience, despite my original intention to be a book blogger, because, well, ARCs and books….lots of books. Squishy, squishy insides just thinking about all of the wonderful books I have imbibed. (Can you imbibe a book? You betcha darn tootin’.)

I have veered away from the personal and have let myself explore my writing because, since I was about 9 years old that is what I thought I would do…except for being a forest ranger or an oceanographer (minus the very important ability to swim well). Can I still be a forest ranger? Pretty please….and write…and have a pet raccoon?

As I am coming up on my anniversary, I am curious as to whether you want to see more of me or just know me through my writing and my obviously personal book reviews.

I only ask because I never meant to hide myself away as well as I have done in the past few months. On the other hand, expression is always found in all of the words.

If I haven’t said it before and enough, thank you for being there for me as a blogger and a writer. To have you read the poetry and fiction I write and to give me audience is beyond all response. I thank you.

And, yes, the adventures of Mouse will be returning.

Love, Sascha D.



9 thoughts on “The Microcosm

  1. That is a completely loaded question, I must say! I LOVE your writing (can’t wait for your return mouse) and all the other bits and pieces from poetry, your thoughts on many subjects written in microcosms, your invitations to participate etc. I’ve enjoyed every part. I still would love to know more about you, but that’s a personal choice I’d say. Congratulations on your upcoming Year! Your presence has been as valuable to us, your readers, as it has been to you. I look forward constantly to reading your thoughts (including the ARC’s) and value your thoughts completely. Keep up the invaluable prose that is you! xoxoxoxo

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