A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal!




So really, life isn’t crazy enough.

Why not add on a 5th or 6th commitment to April?

I will be taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge starting on April 1.

I will write a flash fiction piece centered around an emotion—emotions A-Z.


I will also be adding two more hours to each day.

29 thoughts on “A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal!

  1. I have been reading about this challenge here and there now. And I have not really participated in any with a discipline… I think I might join this one but can’t think of a theme… Guide this poor lost sheep??? 🐏

    1. I think you should definitely do short stories. You could do them in 26 different settings or have a color be central, so 26 different colors. Maybe think of one of your favorite things outside of blogging. Books, movies, music, flowers and come up with a way to include that as a theme?
      (I might have to store some of these ideas for next year! 🙂 )

      1. Thank you so much Sascha for your suggestions… I am inclined towards the ’26 different settings’ idea… Let’s see…

  2. Sascha, welcome aboard. Two years I had a a team of father and daughter supply me 26 photographs the daughter had made of various scenes and then asked the dad to give me a brief writing prompt to go with the photo. It made for an interesting A to Z. t sounds like yours will be too. Good luck. My theme is going to be brainstorming a new novel concept.

      1. I thought about it. But I post every day. I already think I post too much lol don’t want to bother people with one more post each day!

      2. I don’t believe (hope) anyone thinks it’s a bother. If so, I must really annoy a lot of people. 🙂 You could do something small. Something you’ve been longing to try.

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