Nothing Is Ordinary

Mother Nature flicks her wand

Rain pours down

But in her wisdom

Today is not ordinary

(but then no day is)

For in moments there is wind

And a shift to sun

And bulbous clouds scudding

And mercurially she tosses out a rainbow

She’s playing

I admire her capriciousness

Her challenge

And the cardinals chirp

And the squirrel’s nose flaunts a millet gem

And the wind chimes sing with the breeze

Maybe I curled too long in a bruised body

Engrossed in pain, believing

an extraordinary event provides profound answers

I missed the cherry blossoms unfurl

The arrival of the cowbird as true a call of spring

But now I understand there are answers always

And questions, more to unravel

And the answer is neither inward nor outward

But all around, in the ordinary and extraordinary

Except I would attest, nothing is truly ordinary

once we privilge ourselves to see


end 3/24/2017

S. Darlington

4 thoughts on “Nothing Is Ordinary

  1. To me, quite beautiful. It may have something to do with the squirrel’s nose, or the insight in the line “believing an extraordinary event…” or the upward feeling, or … maybe something else 🙂 .

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