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Seems like just yesterday I wrote a Sunday Photo Fiction story…. 😉



I cannot explain the fear walking along the narrow pier, perhaps some repressed memory I cannot face in sunshine hours. As close to the center as possible, I navigate my quickened breathing while vertigo splashes over me.

The others pay no notice when I dash back, my arm unconsciously aching as if pulled by the explosive temper of a seventeen-year old boy. How can a grown woman be frightened to walk on a pier aligned with the silent bay?

A nightmare resumes in the disquiet night of the tiny girl facing the thin board stretching over the rocky creek bed ten feet below, how the plank narrows and narrows while he shouts red-faced. Then there’s nothing as she twirls into dank oblivion where memories and fears coalesce.


end 3/26/2017

S. Darlington

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