Mouse Returns! (briefly) #AMWRITING


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Mouse Returns! (briefly)

“As you can only arrive by boat, you can only escape by boat.”

Escape. Who knew how appropriate that word would be?

This was a new twist on that timeshare scam of we’ll provide you a free breakfast in exchange for four extremely dull hours–“We’ll only let you go once you buy.” Oh, no one came right out and said it, but isn’t that what you’d think if, after your resort tour, it seemed you had no way to leave?

On Day 2, Georgie’d had enough. Sure the owners might have been smart, but they obviously hadn’t looked into Georgie’s background. Convicted hacker at fourteen, now part of a black ops team, she had just wanted a vacation. What was so wrong with that?

For the past year Georgie had demonstrated she was a mouse in name only. Now she looks at the two guards who pace the marina. They eye her as she approaches: a short, nondescript girl except for flashing eyes. She eliminates the first guard; the second tosses aside his weapon.

She frees the boat and gestures to her fellow captives whose mouths gape, wondering, suddenly, if the island might not be safer.


end 4/8/2017

S. Darlington

Mouse is a recurring character who has been on an extended vacation since the beginning of March and unless another small opportunity arises, she will continue on vacation until probably May. Mouse appreciates your support because, despite the fact that she’s on vacation, she doesn’t want you to forget about her. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Mouse Returns! (briefly) #AMWRITING

  1. The next episode must surely be; Mouse on the Run, Georgie being chased by a contract hitman sent to track her down by the evil Time Share Cooperation – hell bent on dominating every holiday resort in the world.

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