I Won’t Back Down #amwriting

Ah, another luscious unique cup of latte thanks to Mrs. Eldridge and the trusty Keurig. We share pleasantries and then she leaves.

I sit there a moment, watching people pass by. I watch through the door that Mrs. Eldridge has left open. I glance around the interrogation room, wondering if someone is watching me. Is this a test? If it is, I’m about to fail because I don’t even think twice about my next move.

Standing, I straighten my shoulders and grab my Styrofoam cup of goodness and walk through the door as if l have every right to be leaving through the door. I walk down the hallway.

“Hey, Annie,” says my old schoolmate Hugh, who’s now a deputy. “Very sorry about Ry.”

I clutch the hand he extends. “Aw, thanks, Hugh. Give my love to Tiffany.”

Another hallway and then the front door where sun shines through the large glass panes. I keep walking, expecting to feel a large hand grip my shoulder. What’s it they always say about confidence? Act like you have it and no one will question you?

As I open the door, I half expect some alarm to go off, but nothing does. A cursory glance around shows no one paying attention to me as my pace picks up and I dart around the corner of the Sheriff’s office toward Lakeland Park and the woods.

I go to the swing and sit on it, sip my coffee and watch as about fifteen minutes later suddenly a few deputies spill out of the office and tear along the street. No one looks toward the swings, not even Linc, who stands tall and capable among them, recognizable even from this distance. For just a moment he does glance my way and my heart stutters because I’m sure there’s hell to pay for a jail break. Is that what this is? I didn’t break anything. Oh, I hope poor Mrs. Eldridge won’t get into trouble for this.

But really, I had no choice, did I? Who better to save me than me?

My daddy always called me the tenacious one. I don’t think it was a compliment because he said it when I wouldn’t leave a topic alone. So, call me tenacious but this really is one of those times, I won’t back down.


end 4/9/ 2017

S. Darlington

12 thoughts on “I Won’t Back Down #amwriting

  1. Annie get your gun! Oh wait, that’s what got her in trouble in the first place… Annie are you okay? Agree with ceolsigehanna Annie is great, enjoying her dry sense of humour.

  2. Really ejoyed this; especially as i played the song while i read it…. i wont back down 😃😃😃🐻

    1. Aww. Thanks, Maggie. I really wish it were a matter of just writing faster and not the fact that I think I bit off more than I could chew for April, but I am trying! 🙂

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