One Year Blogiversary (Anniversary)!


Happy Anniversary with!


As you may have noticed, I’m not usually one to be at a loss for words. Yet, as I sit here and think about this post I find that I am.

I started this blog as an exploration and while it has become that, it’s become a far different one than I expected, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Somehow I think it has become what I needed it to become without my intent (and maybe despite my intent).

Along the way, I have met some absolutely wonderful people from so many countries who have enlightened, delighted, and befriended me and through their own posts have shared themselves and taught me so much. Perhaps it’s been this meeting of so many minds that has proven to be the most unexpected and yet most welcome side of blogging. There are so many of you who have made this an incredible experience and I thank each of you for that.

I read that most bloggers give up after three months so admittedly I’m kind of surprised I’m still at it. But then I think this particular community of very supportive people can take a lot of credit for that.

So, onward into another year of perhaps wider explorations.

And thank you for your kindness and support. And thanks to each of you who have taken the time to follow and offer comments and support. You seriously rock!

Finally, I was gravitating (gravity, serious (punpunpun alert)) toward a serious anniversary song, but, no, life offers enough seriousness already. So I am pleased to share two anniversary songs for fun. Enjoy!

Sascha Darlington


26 thoughts on “One Year Blogiversary (Anniversary)!

  1. Congratulations on one year anniversary of blogging… its always a pleasure to read your words and looking forward to read more awesome content… Way to go! 🍾

      1. I don’t see how they could or why they would. Your brilliant and delightful! I’m “pleased” mamby pamby word thrilled I say, thrilled!

      1. I started in June so a couple of months to go yet, guess I better hang in there. Ideas? I’m all out right now, but enjoying Annie’s adventure and looking forward to more from Mouse!

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