No Sympathy for the Devil –Day 12 #NaPoWriMo #amwriting

my deepest apologies before you even begin reading. SD 🙂


No Sympathy for the Devil

This original poem must include the prompt “pleased

but The Rolling Stones have taken over my brain

“Pleased to meet you” repeats unappeased

maybe today I’ve overwritten or am going insane.


I’ll struggle on, do that rhyming thing

hope I’m writing words that aren’t lyrics

that they used to sing.


I could go on, but a lame refrain might follow

making ears bleed and poets cry

(at least it’s not poets dreamed–cause I’d wallow)

from Stones to Mclean’s American Pie

just too much to swallow.


end 4/12/2017

S. Darlington


19 thoughts on “No Sympathy for the Devil –Day 12 #NaPoWriMo #amwriting

      1. Hahaha….I think it’s called an ear worm…at least I think that’s the term. When I came out of that ride at Disney with my kids it didn’t leave me for days.

      2. I actually wrote a post on ear worms last year thanks to a daily prompt word: brick . That one was Pink Floyd. (which I’m hoping to reinstate to get it’s a small world way far away!).

  1. Ear worms – got to love them! Like Thomas I had uts a small world playing on repeat for days after our trip to Disneyland Paris! And for no apparent reason,, the other day I had ” we all know frogs go la Di da Di da” refrain in my head all day! 😂😂🐻

  2. Definitely have a love-hate relationship with ear worms. Just the other day I had a dream where someone got a song stuck in my head and it stayed with me after I woke up…

    1. It sounds like that’s a story needing to be written. I unfortunately don’t need to DREAM that; it just happens. Wake up and for some weird reason Twenty One Pilots’ “don’t make any sudden moves” burned in the brain. Methinks the work the of the evil DJ Sleep Fairy?

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