The Viking Pillage Village


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I am beyond late. But it was written when it was not quite Sunday in the US although by time I get done with my verbosity it will be Sunday.

Thank you to Alistair at Sunday Photo Fiction as always for providing this prompt! To read more stories for this prompt, click here. The original prompt is here.

The Viking Pillage Village

Thanks, The History Channel. Ever since you aired The Vikings life around here has altered.

Erik and his Scandinavian friends built a Viking boat in the back yard. It’s become a great attraction for the neighborhood kids during the day and a weird man cave at night.

These six robust gentlemen from Norway and Sweden sit on the boat drinking beer and debate over what they should pillage.

Dagmar and I sit and watch the men who by day are scientists and accountants.

Erik yells, “More beer, wench.”

Dagmar hides a grin behind her hand.

I frown at her. “Bjorn hasn’t started doing this?”

“Are you kidding? If he spoke to me like that, he’d be cooking his own meals. It’s because you’re American. You’ve been colonized,” she says. She laughs as if this is the most hysterically funny thing she’s ever heard.

I shake my head, sit back down in my chair, and wait, wondering what Erik will do if beer service is discontinued.

He climbs out of the boat, ambles toward the house, his face wary. I grin.

“Pillage the fridge,” I say. He kisses me open-mouthed. “You can pillage other things later.”

end 4/16/2017

S. Darlington

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