Safe and Sound…Or Am I?


From the number of pink post-its decorating the doors to this house you would think that Linc doesn’t trust me to stay put. Smart man. However, as I peel each away I do feel guilty. Yes, I realize that law enforcement is his job. He’s supposed to find the bad guys and put them away. But considering that my husband and my step-mother were murdered shouldn’t I help?

I have sat here for three hours, making friends with his lovely dog, Buffy, and snooping, which I know I shouldn’t do, but let’s face it. It’s me we’re talking about. The whole thing about poison being in my sugar canister too…what does that mean? Who would put poison in my sugar canister? Who would have access? Well, right after Ry died it was more like who didn’t have access?

But why target my step mother and me? Does this mean she wasn’t having an affair with Ry? That should make me feel good, right? You know, as long as I forget that someone killed her and wanted me gone too.

Is the fact that my stepmother and me were supposed to be killed in the same manner pertinent? I think back to the last time I saw her. We were having lunch at the diner. She hated it, but then she hated most things around town. They made her cranky. She was from Pittsburgh and thought our small town ways were a little too quaint, except for my dad, of course. She ordered a Caesar salad with the dressing on the side. I remember that because Dee the waitress asked about croutons. I ordered a blue cheese burger with sautéed onions and mushrooms with all of the fixings minus the burger and Dee just rolled her eyes as she did every time while Rosie chuckled.

“You know I’ve got to charge you for the burger.”

“I know.”

And Rosie and me both looked out the window and there was Ry right there in front of us…with Clarice. I didn’t think anything of it then. They both looked pissed off. Ry’s face was as red as I’ve ever seen it get. Clarice looked put out. But then Clarice never really liked Ry.

“What’s going on with them?” Rosie asked and then she bit her lip. Her eyes darted to me.

Again, I didn’t think anything of it because I didn’t know that Ry was plumbing new depths with his penis. I shrugged as both Ry and Clarice looked in the diner window at me and Rosie. Me and Rosie eating lunch and watching Ry and Clarice, my sister, Clarice who I would trust with everything in this world.

Linc’s dog whined at me and I realized I was just staring blankly into space. I pressed my fingertips to my cheeks. My sister would never try to kill me, would she?

Linc’s landline rang and I stared at it. I wondered if whoever killed Rosie would figure out that Linc might have helped me escape. My sister might. Maybe. Suddenly I wondered if staying here was all that safe.


end 4/19/2017

S. Darlington


13 thoughts on “Safe and Sound…Or Am I?

      1. Omg I laughed so hard, it was deliciously funny and different so catches attention and a bit of a smirk then an outright lol so loved it, haha still laughing, will for awhile 😂

  1. Nope, got to run if the family are plotting, I wonder who is holding the cash pot.
    ‘plumbing” perhaps ‘plunging’ could also work.
    Enjoyed this for the accumulation of unanswered questions.

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