Quilt #amwriting


My mother has a quilt

made by hands

gnarled yet able

for a lost brother

I barely knew.

On sick days

she’d wrap me in the quilt

tell me the blanket

was love

to keep me warm

and safe

each square of fabric

something of his

sewn together

bound by thread

like family threads

even death

can’t break.

end 4/27/2017

S. Darlington

7 thoughts on “Quilt #amwriting

  1. What a beautiful metaphor to use as a memory for keeping the lost brother close, and the little girl wrapped in love — in the quilt. My Mom is a quilter, loves it very much but hasn’t done it lately as work is busy. But I know how painstaking and intericate putting a quilt together can be, you must have that knowledge from a relative too. A quilt is a wonderful metaphor for what you express.

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