Joyful Fugue #amwriting


© Sascha Darlington


This is my first time writing to a dVerse–Poets Pub Prompt. If you wish to take part, you’ll find the information HERE.


Joyful Fugue

Chiles, eggplant, tomatoes

crave soil, capricious temperatures

stay my impulse to plant.

Soon, I think, soon.

Fingers splay in the dirt

Wiggle as worms.

When I was little

I would hold them

wonder about them

peer pressure prompted

change. Still on drenched days

their painstaking passage

gives pause, logic prevails.


Days lengthen, longer for growing

I welcome the sun as I once welcomed dark.

Since mortality pecked my nose

echoing temporary, temporary

thoughts emerge in darkness

like a mind worming through rich earth

time runs nigh, sighs turn inward.


The Spring barred owl call gives way

to lengthy trills of the mockingbird

deep into the night, joyful fugue.


end 5/9/2017

S. Darlington



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  1. I’m impressed with the versatility of your writing, as well as the myriad of writing challenges you tackle. Where do you find the time and inspiration? Because you should be writing LINC & ANNIE! ( 🙂 Sorry, I’m hooked.) Nice poem, btw.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol Linc and Annie took a detour when I couldn’t think of anything and started to burn things down. It felt just like panic during nanowrimo.
      I force the inspiration. Time I try to force too.
      And I am aided by the wonderful people who give me feedback, such as yourself. 🙂


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