Fortune of Rome? #amwriting


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I offer Fortune of Rome? as a companion piece to Fortune of Paris.

Fortune of Rome

The moment Jacob starts on about the statue and its history while I focus on the birds crapping on said statue and the clouds that will soon be crapping on us, so to speak, I lose it. At least I do in my head.

This is our freaking honeymoon, but instead it has become “Jacob plays tour guide because Jacob knows freaking everything,” although I’m positive he’s made up a lot.

For three years I was certain Jacob was The One. For three years we saw each other once or twice a week while we studied for our PhDs. Now I’ve been with him for a week and I’m about to lose my mind. He never stops talking. How can I live with him forever?

I sit on the side of the fountain and lower my face to my palms.

“Scusi, Signorina?”

I look up into startling blue eyes.

“You’re American?” the man asks with a Scandinavian accent.


“Your necklace.”

I touch the charm, a map of Virginia, smile and again ask: “How?”

He grins. “I attended the University of Virginia.”

“Me, too.”

Several feet away Jacob gesticulates, his words a pleasure to his ears.


end 5/13/2017

Sascha Darlington

20 thoughts on “Fortune of Rome? #amwriting

  1. First story of the morning and you’ve set the bar scarily high. I felt like you pulled me in straightaway and had to keep reading to see what the future held for this clearly ill-matched pair. I wonder how many of her (and probably his) friends and creatives will be thinking “I knew it wouldn’t work”? Great story-telling.

  2. Oh no, that’s practically the definition of “bad sign” on your own honeymoon! Seems like she would have noticed how much he talks before this point. Maybe he just travels badly and he’ll be perfectly fine once they’re home again. Some spouses are like that. 😉

  3. Great start Sascha. I love that last line. It made me laugh. “His words a pleasure to his ears” lol. I think they should have spent more time together at first.

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