Haibun: Mushroom Ragout and Birds

Haibun Monday: From the kitchen of poets dVerse Poet Pub.


Haibun: Mushroom Ragout and Birds

When I ate meat, I did not eat mushrooms. I claimed it was the texture, but secretly I viewed them as alien lifeforms and still do, but these days they frequently showcase a dinner. At the beginning of January I savored rich mushroom ragout in a quiet beach restaurant after all of the holiday vacationers had returned to their lives elsewhere. The thick tomato and mushroom laden sauce smothered pasta while the aroma of red wine, tomatoes, and mushrooms with savory rosemary stimulated my senses. Each taste ensured an eye roll of pure delight. At home, I recreate the dish, although it takes an hour of sautéing mirepoix and mushrooms separately, adding tomatoes and wine and garlic and then finally combining for thirty minutes of marrying the flavors to ultimately adorn anything from pasta to potatoes. Besides the ingredients, the secret is time. Only after simmering and reduction, do the flavors peak.


In the holly bush

Robin rests upon blue eggs

Spring welcomes rebirth


Instead of a robin, I offer a picture of Monsieur Cardinal.


©Sascha Darlington


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