Just Another Monday #amwriting


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Just Another Monday

Most mornings I eat breakfast here, an egg white omelet with veggies and cheddar. Roberto now adds green chile sauce remembering I like it spicy. I sip coffee at the counter, my attention diverted from my phone to the conversation between Roberto’s dad, Felix, and three women.

“The whole block on lockdown,” one woman says.

Felix punches the remote; the tv flickers to life. “The gunman claims to have a bomb and threatens to detonate if his demands aren’t met. We’ve heard it’s about his ex-wife.”

My phone buzzes as the familiar picture of a smiling man fills the screen.


end 5/17/2017

Sascha Darlington

32 thoughts on “Just Another Monday #amwriting

  1. It was, of course, ex-husband. I have no doubt about it. You don’t introduce an ex-wife into a story without using her – old rule of writing

  2. Dear Sascha,

    I have the tune “Just another manic Monday” going through my head now. You left the reader on pins and needles. Nicely done.



    1. Thank you, Rochelle. My first thought when I saw your comment was: why didn’t I think of that? (My song lyric mentality must have been off that day.) Thanks for reading.

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