Linc and Annie Confession

Blurgh. I have never done this. I have failed. πŸ™ (erm, to clarify, I have failed lots of times. I have just never abandoned a story. [yikes, yikes, yikes!])

I got lost on the Linc and Annie story to such a horrifying degree that I can’t continue. I could, but then I might be introducing zombies, because, well, zombies. Unlike a lot of serials by other bloggers, I don’t write mine in advance, except if I get really excited by a story arc and write ahead. And, obviously this has its downfalls because it means that I might go off somewhere where there is no return, which is what I feel has happened here. (And it’s all bloody live….erg!)

I could tell you that Ry got into a bad deal that involved out-of-towners who then thought maybe Annie had something she didn’t. I could tell you that Annie’s older sister had an affair with Ry and then tried to murder a bunch of women who she distrusted and then after hitting Annie over the head disappeared into the sunset…or sunrise.

However, I like Linc and Annie as characters (not to mention Great Aunt Shirl) and I like the beginning of the story, so it might take another form somewhere along the line.

Do I do mea culpas at this point?

Okay. To make up, I offer a short story I wrote a few years ago called The Gray Area. (It’s not humorous, sorry.) Look for my next post.

PS I am open to hear anything you want to say on the matter. If you want to send me a suggestion on how to dig myself out of the hole, I’m happy to hear it. If you truly want me to figure out a way to go on, I am willing to reconsider. Β πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Linc and Annie Confession

  1. Well, you could utilize the “dream” , made famous (or infamous) by TV series Dallas, and have Annie wake up next to Linc, and then she realizes she has just had a weird dream and then see where the story leads from there… πŸ™‚ (I’ll suggest almost anything to get these two in bed!)
    PS. my hard drive is littered with story starts. It happens.

      1. Forget the zombies! Sheesh. Try this. Annie wakes up next to Linc. It’s her wedding day. But she’s not marrying Linc, who’s already married, but Ry. (A variation of the Charles, Camilla, Diana relationship). Was her dream a premonition? Or just her ambivalence about Ry. Then during her day, she starts seeing parts from her dream–black cars, a house fire, her sis (or was it her stepmom?) flirting with Ry, whatever. Does Linc stop her (at the church, last minute) from marrying Ry, and in the process, end his own marriage? Does Annie leave Ry at the alter? Or does she marry and does it end in murder? This is a great plot for a book!

      2. (Can’t imagine what’s wrong with zombies…)
        I think you’re onto something. I also think my brain needs to be freshened up so I start thinking outside of the cereal box.
        I shall play…feel free to give direction.
        I sense you wouldn’t have liked where the original one was going, because our elected sheriff wouldn’t have easily had a relationship with Annie…

  2. No relationship with Annie??? Don’t force yourself on my account. If I must, I can imagine them together in my own little world. But their relationship sort of reminds me of Fried Green Tomatoes, Grady, the sheriff who was besotted with Idgie (even though she was besotted with Ruth). They still had this wonderful chemistry. Idgie/Annie is always in some kind of trouble and Grady/Linc is always so frustrated with her. Just me. Write where your muse points. πŸ™‚

  3. It’s actually not muse, but kind of small town logic of her husband just died. She immediately takes up with the sheriff. Would the morality police force him out of his job. I may be over thinking.

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