Traitor’s Gait


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Traitor’s Gait

It’s funny where you find inspiration. For me, it was in December cold touring London with Eddie and his cell phone aka guidebook. So engrossed was he that a couple of times I had to grab the back of his jacket so he didn’t walk into traffic.

Near the Tower of London musical phrases filled my mind. Seeing my expression, Eddie opened his recording app then I hummed into his phone.

“I’ll send it to Nick,” he said.

We toured for hours and then returned to the hotel to prepare for upcoming interviews. Nick was still asleep.

The next afternoon Nick and I practiced sets in his suite.

“Did you hear that song Eddie sent you yesterday?” I asked.

“What song?”

“Did you get a file from Eddie?”


Nick’s phone wailed with his girlfriend’s ringtone. They exchanged words and then he put the phone on speaker. Once Nick’s groupie, Monica formed a band a couple of years ago with minor success, minor because none of them could compose an original song.

She played the music I’d sent him yesterday accompanied by trite unrequited love lyrics.

“We’re recording it on Thursday. It’s great, yeah?” she said.


end 5/21/2017

Sascha Darlington

18 thoughts on “Traitor’s Gait

  1. Someone’s being traitorous, indeed! Ah well, I’m sure the narrator will have many more inspirations for songs – and then *not* share them that way!

  2. Yes, we do get inspiration from anywhere. A wrong flip of finger – often that private send goes to all! And then there is big trouble. 😉

    Janice vs Richard has a link to the other pages of what is turning out to be a series. Basically Richard is a not so nice guy… And Janice so far has eluded his capture…for the second time.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This story was very apt for the photo prompt. You took me to London, and the minefield that is pop music.

  4. Gasp. I agree with Angie, she should have let Eddie walk into traffic!

    I loved your take on the photo prompt; the way you transported me to London. Great writing!

  5. The cutthroat business of popular music. I love the way you used “Traitor’s gait” Good story Sascha. First again, is there a clone of Sascha, or been bodysnatched? lol

  6. I hope the truth comes out but I doubt it’ll be Eddie who tells it. Of course, he’s lost friends by being a traitor. If the word spreads he’ll have few in the future also. Good writing, Sascha. —- Suzanne

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