Music Lives #amwriting

My first quadrille thanks to the good folks at dVerse. If you want to join in, click on the link and read the instructions.


Music Lives

A chord cascades

in quiet

the sound of song


molding emotions

Wailing guitar,


evoke memories

linked on lifelines


–Beauty Heartache Love

Mourning Worship Sex–


all welcome


Tangled in harmony

reverie, discordance, blues



The guitar hero may die

his music transcends mortality.



Sascha Darlington


24 thoughts on “Music Lives #amwriting

  1. The musician dies but his legacy lives on. We had one die here yesterday, a Jimmy La Fave by name. He was famous locally, and somewhat on a larger scale. His music will still rock on

  2. A beautiful quadrille Sascha, music is such an anchor for memories and will live on long after the artist has gone to join the stars in the night sky xxx

  3. Welcome to dVerse’s Quadrille posts! So glad to see you join us. I’m a bit late in the reading…so glad I found your post. I especially like

    “Tangled in harmony
    reverie, discordance, blues”

    You’re so right that music lives well beyond the composer, the guitar hero. I still love John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High for example. Rhinestone Cowboy brings to life Glenn Campbell before the horror of Alzheimers. I often wonder how the family of those deceased famous voices feel when they hear the music of their loved ones long gone from this earth. Melancholy? Or too distressed to listen? Does it bring them comfort that so many still value their loved one every time they hear that magical voice (Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc). Things to ponder brought up by your words.
    Come to dVerse again! 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading, Lillian.
      As long as the song itself is not tangled up in bad memories for the relative, hopefully they listen with joy or love. Like with all losses, I’m sure it’s relative to the immediacy of the event.

  4. You describe the power that music has on us so well in your few words, and how many feelings and emotions it can evoke. Got me thinking of the music of my teenage years…sigh.

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