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manmade stairs
to subterranean cave

damp shroud
of chilled darkness

into the lava tube

murmurs molder

extinguishing light
I present alone

echoes consumed by
volcanic sarcophagi


end 5/23/2017

Sascha Darlington

Based on a visit to Lava Beds National Monument located in northeastern California.

19 thoughts on “amaranthine #amwriting #dVerse

  1. BTW, your color choices make it very hard for my eyes to read and thus find comments and more.
    Someone else wrote about lava tubes — fun. I had not heard of them before this. thanx.

    1. Thank you for letting me know, Sabio. The color scheme was a recent change. I’ll probably have to reconsider.

      I appreciate your reading and commenting as well. Lava tubes are very interesting; great natural history.

  2. Ah, and here I am with my hot cup of morning coffee and enjoying another trip into a lava tube! You’re right….who would have ever thought that two people would write about lava tubes on one prompt??? We are foever lava-kin! I descended with you here…and I especially like the tought of the tube being the “sarcophagi”…. it is right? It’s the burial ground/tomb of the last remains of that one lava flow….and you’re right…when you’re in there, it feels like you’re entombed. We had about 6 people in our group on this excursion and one of them took one look at the entrance and said, “nope — I’m claustrophobic” and stayed in our vehicle. We’d also explored a lava tube in Volcano National Park in the Big Island (Hawaii) with a volcanologist we’d hired for a private tour. It was not as “rough” as this one in Iceland…and was used by many tourists and you could actually stand in most of it. This one was really rough, and quite a challenge to make our way in.
    PS: colors work for me as well.

  3. I was fascinated with your lava tube experience as well as Lillian’s. Being a bit claustrophobic, I prefer just reading about them! Love that word “sarcophagi” !

    1. Thanks for reading, Bev. The ones that I went into opened up into a big area that had more narrow tunnels going out from it.
      I’m with you. If I had to squat or crawl, I’d probably just point the flashlight in and say: lookie there, isn’t that cool and the visit of that one would be done. 🙂

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