Friday Fictioneers for 5/26/2017


The teenagers called me “crazy artist lady.”

The men loitering nearby called me worse when I refused their “offers.”

My lover called me stubborn for staying. “It’s not safe.”

I scoffed. “They’re just talk.”


I worked all day and into the evening, but flagged. Grabbing Gordo the Great Dane’s lead, we loped to the coffee shop; I hummed something cheery.

The barista smiled. “Your showing’s tomorrow?”

“Day after.”

“You must be excited.”

“And nervous.”


Red paint dripped down my door from the four-letter slur. Inside, three years of blown-glass artwork glittered in the light, innocently beautiful in its destruction.


end 5/24/2017

Sascha Darlington


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    • I think my writing is a lot like my reading and music–cannot be confined to one genre. Although I don’t like to depress anyone! When I first started writing, I read a lot of literary fiction and they aren’t exactly known for fun.
      However, when I write romance, there better be some laughs in there…romantic relationships are all about laughing at yourself. 🙂


  1. Sometimes, not always, teens can be so shallow that destroying something someone else loves is all they can think of to do. Of course, there are plenty of adults with the same mindset.


  2. I stopped on the same line as Sandra… “innocently beautiful”. Such a powerful piece. I have artists in my family and man… it is not easy…


  3. Some people are both ignorant and cruel. They take it for granted everyone thinks the same as them. It’s too bad there weren’t some cameras around to see who committed this criminal act. A good but heartrending story, Sascha. Good writing. —- Suzanne


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