The inspiration for my very first ottava rima (and my last?) is occurring right now and I probably should be powering down rather than typing on, and I can hear people I know say: she just doesn’t show good sense.

While I consider myself a writer, I don’t totally consider myself a poet. I love words and I love the possibility of the musicality of words when rhythm and wordplay exist. However, when words like iambs and feet and meter come up, I, for some reason, hear white noise. I’m still hoping to grow out of it.

Without further…stalling…thanks (or a word of your choosing after you read 😉 ) to dVerse for providing the opportunity to write an ottava rima. If you’d like to write one, click here to read about the form.

mea culpa for my meter


the thunder rattles the window panes

a streak of lightning jags across the sky

my father called the thunder angel led games

which never deigned to terminate in a tie

my dad was raised on the Great Plains

where clouds became cones to horrify

my dog senses the same of storms

my “okay” he understands is misinformed


end 5/25/2017

Sascha “ain’t no ottava rima” Darlington

20 thoughts on “Thunderstorms

  1. I remember seeing tornadoes pass by in Indiana where I grew up. They are amazing sights I don’t want to see again. Thanks for linking this up with us, Sascha.

  2. Rofl! Always trust your dog! They hide with good reason.

    Okay, your ottava rima is very well done — no matter what you say! Learn to be like musicians (especially singers). There is never a wrong note; just improvisation. Never apologize for your art! You did good!

  3. I though this was brilliant, even if you don’t consider yourself a poet, you wrote this with such beauty. I was warmed to read that you love words, that’s me too, I love and am in love with words, and while I too don’t ever consider myself poet or writer, the lyrical words need to come out. Really loved this, thunderstorms one of my greatest inspirations and which has brought me many pleasurable moments.

  4. Great job, Sascha! Writing in iambic meter is tricky, especially when you’re keeping one eye on the rhyme scheme. I love a good thunderstorm and I’m hoping the weather forecast is on track – they’ve predicted some for this weekend in our area! I love the phrase’angel led games’!

  5. Your introduction AND your poem entertained me! White noise kicks in at iambic pentameter to me as well, and I write to some inner sense of rhythm that feels good to me. I’m trying to be an apt student!

      1. To be honest, I don’t consider myself a poet. I only have to read a book of poetry to convinced me of that. BTW you did way more than count to eight. 🙂 Virtual travel–things have changed so much from when I was young and we were all drawing bison on cave walls.

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