Just Another Halloween #amwriting


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Just Another Halloween

I wonder if Orson Welles knew that his stunt back in 1938 would have copycats even now 79 years later. While the details have changed, there’s always someone out there who thinks it’s colossal fun to cause panic around Halloween. Last year it was the “clown” guy and this year it’s the Predator, which I think is pretty lame because that just screams costume.

In fact, since I’ve been given the assignment of driving around and trying to catch  a picture of this guy, I wouldn’t put it past my editor to have devised the whole thing as a joke. Yep, he doesn’t really understand “funny.”

Tired of driving, I pull into the Sub Shop drive-through, order an Italian cold cut with everything on it, and then go to the park. At one of the picnic tables, I munch on my sandwich while swishing through news updates on my phone when I hear someone screaming and crashing through the woods. A woman appears followed by a guy in a Predator costume.

“Help me!” she screams.

The Predator-costumed-guy roars. My heart thuds the way it does when there’s thumping bass playing. My sandwich slides through my fingers. Maybe that isn’t a costume.


end 5/28/2017

Sascha Darlington

16 thoughts on “Just Another Halloween #amwriting

  1. Well, he’s got his story, either way – if he can gets his hands to stop shaking long enough to get the photos, at least. And then run!

  2. Maybe it isn’t a costume. There are always creeps who take advantage of a situation. Now it’s his turn to help out. He should also dial emergency. If it’s a joke it’s a poor one. Good writing. —- Suzanne

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