Buff the Sinewy Dragon #amwriting

To all of you wonderful people: I am off to the beach for a vacation, which feels very welcome right about now. Since it is purely relaxation and reading (of course) and writing (again, of course), there is a good chance that you might hear from me during my holiday. I hope to at least read some of your blogs while testing my sunblock.

In the meantime, stay safe and well and read and/or write something delicious! I leave you with a ditty about a dragon at the beach.


Buff the Sinewy Dragon


Buff the sinewy dragon lived by the sea

he was the most muscular creature

you’d ever want to see


He liked to sun himself on the beach

collect seashells and horseshoe crabs

anything in reach.


One day threatened a hurricane

with fierce winds and raging sea

that drove Buff plain insane


For this was his afternoon off

when he could just lie in the sand

dunking his dragon toes in a sea trough


So Buff gathered all his might

And blew a fiery wind toward the clouds

achieving quite a height


The hurricane did evaporate

as water mixed with fire tends to do

for Buff, time alas to ruminate

and maybe have a barbecue.



Sascha Darlington


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