Walnut Tree Very Pretty

For Haibun Monday, dVerse takes a look at broken things as art. Click the link to join in.

To the dVerse poets, I am going on holiday, but I promise to catch up on your poems. 🙂

Walnut Tree Very Pretty

Have you heard the phrase, you are what you eat? If it’s true, then I am probably nuts. Add chopped pecans or walnuts to any dish and you will have a friend in me. I prefer them broken and then added, especially into a dish that is going to be baked. Both pecans and walnuts attain a different, enhanced flavor with baking, luscious and decadent. I use them in diverse dishes such as vegetarian pizza with pesto and pecan pie muffins and gorgonzola pasta. Chopped, their flavor extends throughout a dish whereas whole the taste is too saturated.


Heavy thunderstorm.

Hard rain drenches the spring soil.

Walnut tree nourished.



Sascha Darlington

14 thoughts on “Walnut Tree Very Pretty

  1. A lovely haibun Sascha and I love walnuts and pecans too – the way the broken pieces diffuse the flavours through a dish is so delicious 💖 xxx

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