Love Needs No Words

I’m still on vacation, but I have such a compulsion to keep up with my photo prompts. I haven’t been doing as much writing as I would have hoped. But I guess vacation is about doing whatever or not doing whatever your mind needs or doesn’t need to do.

I have the best of intentions to read everyone’s entry for the week and I apologize in advance if vacation gets the best of me. I have felt like I really need this vacation, but I hate not writing and reading the works of you all.

Thanks as always to Rochelle for hosting this week’s prompt. I have chosen to believe in hope. If you’d like to participate, you can find the instructions and the photo prompt here.



Love Needs No Words

Your immediate thought is: we’ve lost everything.

And then you see your husband, his strong arms around Cecilia who’s still sobbing with fear and Bennie who has embraced your leg with both of his chubby arms so tightly entwined that you can’t move, his face buried against your thigh, and the silly dog, Casper, caked with mud shakes and then wags his tail and dashes to you, a smile on his face and you think, “No. Everything we’ve lost is replaceable.”

You share a glance with your husband. Your heart surges. He nods. Love needs no words.




Sascha Darlington

6 thoughts on “Love Needs No Words

  1. Dear Sascha,

    Then you read a story like this one and are reminded of the things that truly matter. Lovely. Thank you for sharing a bit of your vacation with us.



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