Catch Up!



Wow! It’s been two days of hurry and hurry and catch up and I have yet to mindfully visit my microcosm.

Today I wrote a piece for a photo prompt and normally I’d throw it up here without thinking too hard about it, but I feel out of practice. I barely wrote on vacation. Now I’m staring at the piece wondering: is this any good?

I think that this is where writer’s block would slip in, if I allowed it. I think it’s the lack of writing which in turn brings about a lack in confidence that keeps the words at bay. If you keep your routine and keep writing through good and bad, I think writer’s block doesn’t have a chance.

So I’m going to jump back in and start creating again. I missed reading everyone’s blogs and need to catch up with you all!

I had some books to catch up on (there’s a theme here you might notice) and I didn’t get all of those done. A couple of the books weren’t so good and I felt guilty about bailing, but ultimately did. Can you imagine everyone saying a book is a beach read and then finding it so badly written that you just ended up staring at the sea instead of reading the words (gives a whole new meaning to beach read!) and then feeling bad because it made you behind on even more books? No?  Hmm. Maybe I’ve become more neurotic! 🙂

Well, I think that this time I am really back and maybe a total break from my blog is not a good idea because it’s a little harder to get back into a solid routine.



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