Hourglass #amwriting


PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

For Friday Fictioneers. Thank you to the wonderful Rochelle for hosting this group. To read the instructions and join in, please visit here.



I met a Swedish boy on Christmas Day and kissed him on Boxing Day and felt the earth move at Kamala Bay.

I touched my fingers to my lips and smiled at this boy, my first kiss.

We were still holding hands, not comprehending when an accented man herded us and other tourists toward a packed bus.

“Tsunami,” someone said.

The joy of the kiss evaporated as my emotions unspooled like myriads of delicate thread concentrating on my parents and little sister at the pool. Praying.

The bus bumped up a steep road and the shore behind became ocean.



Sascha Darlington


28 thoughts on “Hourglass #amwriting

  1. I know what Neil means, but I think it works well as a flash piece too. I remember that tsunami, ho terrible it was, how apocalyptic. I liked how you captured that disaster in the wake of her finding a first love – a tragic juxtapostion

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  2. Coming from Sweden I so much remember that time… a former co-worker lost her sister and parents to the sea… at first she was also declared missing and I still recall reading her name on the ones presumed dead… I fear that your story don’t have a happy outcome.


    • One of Fredrik Backman’s books mentioned the tsunami and its toll on Sweden, which I didn’t know beforehand. From the first hand accounts I read, it must have been terrifying. Glad that your co-worker survived, but sorry she lost her family.
      Thanks for reading, Bjorn.


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