Now Whole

Back from vacation and once again here participating in dVerse. Poets check it out!

ghost crab

Now Whole

I swam home in the car in evening

To a peeper orchestra sounding

Through the swamp

Then fell asleep to the rush of ocean

Awoke to an artist’s pallet of sharp colors

An array of tangerine, fuchsia, and yellow

Peering through the blinds

Leaving the bedroom sauna hot

I watched ghost crabs scuttle through sand

forming a geometrical pattern of dashes

And considered all the days not noticed

Subsumed by money and pressure and cities

Of petty bickering, of snide remarks,

Of dishonesty, disloyalty and lies

Years wasted by neglect of mindful moments

Of needing to be right rather than kind

No more.

I’d give to you this, if I could

And I give to me this

Because now I think I can be

Even if alone



Sascha Darlington


18 thoughts on “Now Whole

  1. I think one can be whole if alone. I liked this line: “Years wasted by neglect of mindful moments”. It is something I need to be careful of. Also, “needing to be right rather than kind” which would be another thing I need to be careful of.

    1. Thanks, Frank. You are very correct and I should probably rewrite that because I *know* a person can be whole alone. The other two observations I am trying to, shall we say, mindfully, practice.

  2. And I would answer, having read this, “YES!” This is where I want to stay as well. Taking note of life in all its variety and strangeness, one has the desire to disregard the clutter and stay in the uniqueness of one’s own self. You did a lovely job of explicating that in this poem. Thank you.

  3. Yes, solitude is not to be confused with loneliness. Relationships would be stronger if first we learned to be whole before we became half of a pair! Good write!

  4. Sounds like a great vacation 🙂 If we find our identity in God, He makes us whole; then we reach out in kindness to other people.

  5. Life is too short to waste moments. This line “of needing to be right rather than kind” really hit home. Arguing and proving ourselves to others can really suck the life out of us.

  6. Especially love this imagery:
    “Awoke to an artist’s pallet of sharp colors
    An array of tangerine, fuchsia, and yellow”

    My guess is that sometimes it looks like this outside our windows but we are too busy rushing, getting dressed, getting lunches made etc. Always good to “stop and smell the roses” as the saying goes. And to savor solitude when it presents itself…or better yet, to seek it.

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